The OSRS blue monster is an extremely unusual monster, but its low health makes it the best choice designed for melee stop. Generally, make an attempt to kill the monster check here as fast as possible with your weapon and then use potions to slay all others. Aside from prayers and comprimé, you should also experience a high defence weapon, just like Korasi’s sword, to avoid receiving hit by blue dragon’s high wellness. A high-level halber is also a good choice.

Blue dragons are particularly effective at noxious players with bolts and marvelous attacks, and can be killed simply by slayer experts. While they can do a number of damage, they’re weak to damage right from ranged disorders, thus ranged armour is essential intended for protection. If you’re looking to produce a large profit, however , you should think of using noble dragonhide armour to protect yourself. You’ll be well protected against magic.

If you need to gain the most loose change while progressing up, you should kill a blue dragon. This beast is a great way to get more money in OSRS. Its dragonfire can package a lot of damage, and it requires special what to protect you. You can find all of them near lava eel sportfishing spots. You can also destroy a baby green dragon with regards to an extra a couple of, 500 money.